Free Open BGP Peering

LayerBridge operates under AS3280 (v4 & v6). For pure experimenting with how a network works and giving you the chance to grow your personal network with multiple peerings, we can offer Free and Open BGP Peering for any KVM, Dedicated or Colocation plan you have with us.

The Free and Open BGP Peering service is available over VXLan as well.


How to connect?

Please complete the form with your and your network details (such as Name, Network name, Contact eMail, AS Number, IP Protocol you need, Your VXLan Endpoint details... etc.) and we will contact you in order to establish the BGP session! :)



While we are all excited, happy and can't wait to peer with you, this operation is considered a low priority task.
A Network Engineer will configure your BGP session as soon as he is free from all high/medium priority tasks.
Currently we can only offer such option for Virtual Servers with BGP. IP Transit is not available over VXLan Tunnels.
This is just a peering relationship, also known as routes exchange.
We send you some routes of ours while you send us some routes of yours. No export in DFZ should be made by any party.
This service's purpose is mainly educational and should not be used as production.
We should advertise you only one subnet per address family originating from AS3280.
We can assign you IPv6 subnets free of charge for any Virtual Servers with BGP plan acquired.
However, for assignments larger than a /48 we should require a justification.