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Unmetered web hosting

Recommended for websites with under 25.000* hits per month, our webhosting plan offers you unmetered everything for your website!
* Upgradable at any time.

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Free .COM or .RO domain registration for 6 months upfront payment!

Included with this plan:

Unmetered SSD space
Unmetered domains
Unmetered DNS records
Unmetered traffic
Unmetered mailboxes
Unmetered databases
Ticket support 24/7
Daily backups
Upgradable anytime
Free Web Hosting conditions:

One hosting account per individual or NGO (no commercial company accepted)
You must place an HTML Tag linking to us, in the footer of each hosted website
You should not use the websites to sell services or goods as main activity
Disk space is limited to 10 GB of storage
Your websites should not break our ToS

Should you be interested, please feel free to contact us!

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How this works?

Unmetered disk space

Yes, you read it right! We offer you unmetered disk storage for your website's required files, such as: html, scripts, media, images and emails.
Please note that this does not mean that you can use the web hosting service as a storage service and store 4TB of footage of your holiday at the beach.
Keep in mind that this is a shared hosting service and you should use it with respect to other users that may host thier website on the same server.

Unmetered Domains & add-ons

You do not have any limits on how many domains you add or park with us as long as your account's total hits does not exceed the max. hits of your plan.
The same is applied for eMail accounts, subdomains, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and DNS records.
Although we can't see any reason for you to use 1.000 mail accounts or 500 SQL databases, you may create as many add-ons as you actually need.

Web hosting Control Panel

For our webhosting plans we use DirectAdmin control panel. Which is a well-maintained panel, secure and easy to use.
From the user interface you can setup domains, create DNS records, email accounts, databases or perform tasks such as install SSL certificates, create backups, manage databases and so on.
You can even perform automated installs of known software such as wordpress from the Softaculous auto-installer.

What happens when hit limits are reached?
We have made this hosting plan in such a way to answer to an optimal volume of hits from your visitors. When those hits are greater that you plan's supported volume, there will be extra loads on the resources such as CPU and memory.
If you website exceed the starting 25.000 hits limit, you can contact us to see what upgrade options are available for your website.
Our recommendation is that you should choose this hosting plan for websites with decent amount of activity. If you have a global-available website with milions of visits, you should consider a private and isolated hosting environment such as a Virtual Server (VPS hosting) or a Dedicated Server (dedicated hosting) plan.

Why am I seeing a 15GB disk space limit in the Control Panel?
This limit is imposed from security reasons and to limit abuses (such as web-based torrent clients). If you have reached the 15GB limit and your website requires more, simply contact us to extend the disk space. You won't have to pay anything extra for this operation.

What's the catch with the unmetered thing?
There's no catch! We simply want to help others to grow even if, in some cases, we will be taking no actual profit. We belive that you can't grow as a business if you do not help others to grow and develop toghether with you.

What's the difference between the "unmetered everything" hosting and a VPS?
The difference is their purpose. The "unmetered everything" plan is a shared web hosting plan, mostly designed for less complex websites (such as presentation websites and small blogs/shops), which do not need the full computing power of a VPS, but require a fast loading and response time to end-users' browsers. In this case, resources are guaranteed via prioritizing the tasks/processes which load the CPU.
A Virtual Server is a semi-professional service which assure direct access to dedicated hardware resources. You can reserve there processing cores, RAM or storage which will be only used by you.
Should you need the performance of a VPS but the ease of use of a web hosting package, you may contact us for a managed VPS plan, for which our admins will do all the backstage work for you not to have any worry about hosting your website.

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