HETNiX Datacenter

HETNiX's services operates in a stable, scalable and secure datacenter. Those factors allow hosting of any type of infrastructure, from a single rackmount equipment to full racks and cages.

The DataCenter it's build according with TIER 3 standards and it provides full redundancy for networking, cooling and electricty.

Being equipped with the latest equipment technology, it provides high availability, solid and secured infrastructure, earthquake protection, three-phase electric energy, cooling redundancy, environmental control, detection and fire extinguishing.

Based on those features, we can offer housing & colocation in a safe and professional environment for both client categories: End users and Corporate users.

To ensure quality of services, here at HETNiX we're using only business enterprise equipment such as: SuperMicro, CISCO, IBM, HP, JUNIPER, DELL.
- Storage: For our storage units we only use Solid State, Serial Attached SCSI and Serial ATA enterprise Drives.
- Networking: We use CISCO equipment for all the network inside our datacenter. By default both End users and Corporate users will benefit from the same type of equipment.
- Computing: All servers used by HETNiX are enterprise servers made by great brands. Under any circumstance we don't use low-end equipment such as desktop and/or old eqipments. Those are known to crash a lot and most of them (like desktop servers) are not made for their usage as servers, but for easy and minor tasks of home users.
Our networks is build exclusively using the latest CISCO Enterprise equipment.
For the I.X. and Core layers, we're using series 6500E equipment, provided with Supervisor 2T XL, which guarantees an uninterrupted transit for any type of traffic, and it meet all network needs.
The distribution and aggregation layer was built using 4500 equipment. Those managed to obtain a great performance and stability, compared with other platforms, having the same role in a network.
We have a lot of connections/peers with the most importants (national and international) providers, having a total capacity of over 300 Gbps.
For this reason, the informations hosted on our servers are transferred to end users in miliseconds!
We can guarantee the contractual connection capacity in proportion of 100% and the services uptime in proportion of 99.95% according to our SLA.

AS3280 Peering Diagram for IPv4
AS3280 Peering Diagram for IPv6
The access in datacenter is made only via two-factor authentication systems such as Fingerprint scan and authorization code. Every manager has an unique authorization code.
We have high-tech video surveillance, temperature sensors, detection and fire exchaustion and anti burglary systems.
Also, in order to strengthen our security, we have human security and monitoring in the datacenter 24/7/365(6).
Housing the equipment at optimal temperatures is one of the most important factors for a long and correct functioning of those equipment. We guarantee a temperature of 20-23 Celsius degrees, using industrial air conditioning devices from DAIKIN.
Those are cappable to maintain a temperature as described above, regardless the period of time (Hot/Cold; Summer/Winter).
The uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed by Diesel generators and APC UPSes, which offers an autonomy up to 20 hours. This autonomy can be extended by refueling the generators.