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The Dot Watch: A braille watch for the bilnd

It’s not one thing most folks admit on an everyday basis, however most watches are primarily useless for the visually impaired. Historically, the answer to the present issue was to create watches with crystals that might flip up, permitting the user to feel the hands. These turned out to be poorly created and touching the hands may be a good way to throw a watch off over time. However there ar additional inventive solutions out there. Meet the Dot, a sleek motorized smartwatch that uses braille to provide the user the time.

Developed in Korea, the Dot is a particularly new product (most of the company’s web site continues to be “coming soon” pages) that provides a new approach against telling the time and giving notifications to the visually impaired. Mainly, because it is using braille and not simply indicators to mimic hands, the Dot can give true notifications, not simply numbers for the time.


In terms of specs, the Dot is pretty impressive. The case is made of aluminum to keep weight down (just 27 grams) and it measures in at 43mm across and 12.5mm thick. So sure, it’s a big watch, but it’s still very much in the realm of wearable. It comes with one of three different sized leather straps that works sort of like a half-NATO, wrapping through on one side. It has a rechargeable battery, a touch sensor, a vibration motor, and Bluetooth, so it’s pretty standard in terms of smartwatch features.


For more, visit Dot online.

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