web hosting

Web hosting for startups with Free Domain registration

Nowadays every startup need to be present in the World Wide Web, regardless of their domain of activity.
Hosting services such as VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers or Colocation may not be suitable for entry-level businesses.

For example, if you only want to go online and have a presentation website, a Dedicated Server may be a little too much and even too expensive for you, because:

  • You need to manage the software (Webserver, MailServer, DNS)
  • You might need software licenses (such as DirectAdmin or cPanel)
  • You need to be able to create backups and restore them, if needed
  • You need to keep the server up to date with the latest patches and releases

… and many more.

While this may be better in terms of performance, you can get a service that already runs on a dedicated platform, that can host your website flawlessly and you won’t have to worry about anything server-related.
Just upload your site and redirect all your work towards growing the business, not performing maintenance works on the server.

Our “Unmetered Everything” web hosting package might be just what you’re looking for: https://www.hetnix.com/web-hosting

Also, for at least 6 months upfront payment, we can register a .COM or .RO domain for your business. 🙂